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Parent Forum

The Parent Forum greatly improves and enhances communication between parents and the school as a whole. The Parent Forum works in a similar way to the School Council, it provides an opportunity for parents to raise a variety of school matters that they would like to discuss.


Parents who become members of the Forum are representing their child's class, so all parents can put items on the meeting agenda via their class representatives. The class representatives then feed the results of their meeting back to their class parents. Meetings take place twice a term.


Thank you to all our new Parent Forum representatives who have kindly volunteered to represent the classes this year:


Miss Jo Hackney (Parent Support Advisor)Chair
Miss Zehra ShahGovernor
Ms Tooba DarRCD
Mrs Celine Tran-DoanRCF
Mrs Poulomi DasguptaRCP
Miss Leanne Forbes1AA
Miss Stacie Cole2HA
Miss Anka Lieve3BP
Miss Zubda Ali3HB
Mrs Leticia Rodgrigues4EB
Mrs Kylie Riahi5SF
Miss Jacqueline Bacchus6AR


Ideally we would like each class to have their own representative. If you are interested in becoming the representative for one of the classes that does not have an individual representative, or would like to raise any issues or have suggestions, please email Miss Jo Hackney - Parent Support Advisor on