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Computing is an integral part of our everyday life and will play an immeasurable part in our children’s futures. 

At Millbrook Combined School we will provide all of our children with the skills, creativity and enthusiasm to live and thrive in a world increasingly dependent on computing.

In this technological age where computers are an integral aspect of our modern lives our main aim is to ensure that children are safe users of technology. We want to raise safe and healthy children who are mindful, active producers of technology. Children need to know how to navigate the online world safely, maturely and sensitively; ensuring they use their critical, ‘computational thinking’ skills when presented with a range of views and information that will enable them to participate effectively and safely in a digital world.

As computing technology underpins today’s modern lifestyle it is essential that all pupils gain the confidence and ability that they need in this subject, to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.