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“Good history is a good foundation for a better present and future” - JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN


At Millbrook, our pupils are passionate about history. History is brought to life, enabling children to explore and work like historians. Our children are given the opportunity to study a variety of primary and secondary sources, make predictions, build their historical knowledge and develop key skills. The children benefit from learning about the past and seeing how change affects society for better or for worse, including our local area. All children have a real inspiration for learning about the past and making links to their community and other subjects.

The learning is consistent across classes, year groups and key stages. Each period of history fits into the bigger picture thus giving the children a better concept of time from early history to the modern day. Children get to experience history through a range of different media including reading, writing, talk for learning, questioning through reading comprehension, film, written accounts and artefacts. A hands-on experience brings history to life and makes it more accessible rather than a monotone style of learning. History learning gives an exciting and creative curriculum for all children to access. Trips to museums and places of historical significance allow children to share and experience a greater depth of learning. We plant the seed of historical enquiry in our children and their insight raises standards, expectations and outcomes.

This is our pioneering vision for history, learning from start to finish, fun and sharing experiences. Here, our children actively learn and they enjoy their learning journeys.